Monday, November 30, 2009

Been a while...

Wow, sorry it has been so long since I have posted anything! It has been pretty busy around here. I had back surgery and that has set me back a bit. I am pretty good to go now though so that makes me very happy! Still can't pick Bee up which she does not like but we are working around it!

Things with Bee have been interesting. She is definitely becoming a little comedian! Once she finds out that you think something is funny she does it over and over!! We had her 2 year birthday party the weekend before Thanksgiving. Actually it was for both her and her sister. They share the same birthday, exactly ten years apart! Don't ask me how it happened, well, I know how it happened. Our little Bee needed to come early! So, here we are now with the girls sharing the same birthday. It has actually turned out to be really cool. They adore each other, which makes me happier than words can say, so I think it will always be great they share the birthday. 

It seems as though, ever since Bee turned two, that her vocabulary is on a fast track! Everyday she says new words and phrases! It's amazing! She now fumbles her way through the ABC's as well!! It is so cute to hear her sing the ABC's! The other day at the breakfast table at Nana and Papa's, she turned to her sister and said, "Hi sissy, how are you?" Clear as a bell! We were all so shocked no one said anything! Ha!! It was funny, she kind of looked around like, "what?" and just went back to eating like nothing even happened. 

She has been really good with the few exceptions of her acting out. It's all normal toddler stuff though and she does not throw tantrums as bad as I have seen other kids do. Although tonight she did pretty well in her tantrum throwing. Who knew that a saline spray bottle would be so enthralling?!? "No" still seems to be one of her favorite words but we are working on it. She started the "2's" room at school so as she spends more time with the older kids I am hoping for a more articulate way of communication. I do not hold any crazy notion that the whining and "no" won't still be the main form but I am hoping for it to be cute down at least. Here's to hoping!

Sorry, I don't have any funny anecdotes today. This is really a check in and a promise to get back into it more. It might be tough with the holidays coming but I will try! I would love to hear from you so if you have something funny to share or just want to say hi, please do!