Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bee Speak!

I decided that I need to write down some of Bee's cuter vocabulary words at this point in her life. I mean, we all know she can say, "no" "Mommy" "mine" etc. But these are cuter and this way I have a record of them! I have tried to spell them phonetically, I hope it works! So here it goes:

"fruip" = fruit
"yellow" = means she wants to color or is used to describe any writing tool.
"ass" = grass
"titty" = can mean either pretty or cookie
wa wa= water
inamean = (said with an "I" pronunciation) = vitamin
"side" = can be her slide, outside or inside
"pay" = play
"hmmm" = means she is thinking

Those are the words I can think of right now. I will probably be adding to it as I think of them or hear her say more!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Three little words...

Well, Bee has perfected the art of the three little words. It's absolutely adorable! However, it is also frustrating! These three little words are not of the lovey dovey sort. These little words are: no, mine and stop (with the hand up)! I think over the weekend we heard "no" about 10 times an hour while she was awake. And we even heard it a couple of times during the night while she was talking in her sleep! We went through something similar about 6 months ago with but then it was a small grunt and a light slap on our arm. Back then, we first made it a huge deal telling her no, not do that, it was not nice, be nice, etc. It seemed to only fuel it so we decided to ignore it and not call attention to it. That way we could sort of defuse the power of it. Well, that worked! It took a couple weeks but eventually she realized that getting that sort of attention wasn't going to happen. This time we started out the same with the "no's" and "be nice's" but we are quickly realizing that maybe, again, ignoring it and not giving it power is what is needed. The problem is that with her being a little older it's a little harder to ignore such down right rebellion! It is is so cute sometimes but other times it is so frustration! Especially when we are around other people. It can get a little embarrassing! I think people must be staring at us and thinking, geeze, that kid is a brat, her parents need to get her under control. Worst of all, I think, that they must think, we are bad parents! It's a terrible feeling! Especially since I know that is not really the case but it's hard. I really want her to be good in a group of people and out in public. I want people to see how sweet she really can be! This weekend we were at a baby shower and I got a lot of compliments on how good she was. I thought, really? They were just being polite. So she didn't have any meltdowns or outburtst, but she told me no about 50 times and wrote on the person's wall! I felt like she could have done better! Like, oh, I don't know, not talk back to me! She did redeem herself in the end when, as we were leaving, she went around and gave everyone left a hug and kiss. While doing that she was the sweet little girl we know at home! Certainly she was not herself earlier when I told her she couldn't draw on me and she smacked me on the arm and said "no, mine!" "You, stop!" I suppose at this point, thought, she is a mixture of both! I really, really want this to be the worst of it! Please, really, I want this to be the worst! Really!! I do!! Please?!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sick kid!

Well, this past Labor Day weekend was a labor of love! Love of my child and wanting to make her better!! We had the whole weekend planned and it all went to crap on Sunday morning when Bee woke up at 5 AM with a 102.7 degree fever. I have dealt with Bee being sick before but never like this. The fevers were very scary for me. Mainly because when we as adults get a fever that high that means we are really sick. For a kid, however, I found out that I shouldn't get too scared until it goes over 104 even possibly 105! Is that crazy or what! Then I also found out that you should not take the temperature of a child, as young as Bee, right after they wake up! Because the fever can be higher as a result of them being all cuddled up and sleeping, they call it a "bundling fever." Crazy huh!? Anyway, we dealt with high fevers all weekend, one even reached 104.2! Like I said, she has been sick before but never like this! I felt so helpless and was kind of fumbling my way through how to take care of her. It seemed as though when I followed my instincts it went well. It was when I second guessed myself that I fell a little short. It was awful seeing her that way with her red little eyes, runny nose, tearing eyes and paleness! All she wanted was to be held by me or hubby. She was so cute and sweet though she did have an occasional outburst of snottiness but who doesn't when they don't feel good. She would ask for me, come to me and then ask for him. While we didn't get a lot of sleep for those few days I do have to say it was a good bonding experience for all three of us. Hubby and I know we can handle it and take care of our girl and she knows we are there and she can count on us to try our best to make it all better! I will leave it at that and not even go into the fact that I realized just how important we are to her! I found some perspective on that this weekend as well but I will leave that for another time! I am still trying to catch up on my sleep!! Just wanted to post a little something, ya know, to keep the habit up!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Goes with some of my blogs

A friend of mine sent me this today and I wanted to share it! It mirrors some of the things I have been trying to self-realize!!

Please take a minute to watch!

Top 5 Things

There are many friends, or friends of friends, that seem to be pregnant right now. The other day I was asked what were some of the things I use daily that I feel I can't live with out. So, I thought about it for a while and since I have nothing to blog about today I decided to share. And since usually everyone knows what they need for a newborn, thanks to the zillion "what you need for a newborn" lists and nana's and great aunts (in my case), not many people think about what they will need when that child gets a little older! So, here it goes!

1.) Books! - Bee loves books. She will walk right past her toys and play with her books. We read 4 books every night before bed. If we read less than 4 we are in trouble. That equates to about 20-30 minutes of reading depending on the length of the books she wants. I have read that reading to your child for 20 minutes a day and I quote, "inspires a life long love of learning." That is what I intend on doing!

2.) Floppy Seat - I am a huge germaphobe! This thing is the greatest and we get stopped all of the time in the grocery stores and restaurants by people asking where we got it! It is awesome! It covers up nasty grocery store carts and gross restaurant high chairs. If you have a kid like mine, who likes to put everything in her mouth, than this is for you! I keep it right in the van so I always have it.

3.) Fisher Price Healthy Care Booster Seat - This thing is the bomb! As with the Floppy, I keep this seat in my van at all times! That way if we go to someone's house she always has a seat to sit on. It has different levels for height and it has a detachable, dish washer safe tray. It's very portable and easy to carry. Bee loves it!

4.) Baby wash cloths - I never seem to have enough but I love these things! They work for everything! Washing her face, for bath time, for clean up after dinner but the best is when she has a stuffy, dry bugger nose! I run the hot water and get the wash cloth nice and wet with hot water. I let it sit for a couple seconds to cool and then use it to get all the dry buggers off! Works like a charm and because they are soo soft it doesn't hurt her nose. They are very useful!

5.) Music - Bee has had a CD player in her room since she was born. Everynight since then we have played classical music, lately it's been Disney Princess Lullaby CD, for her to help soothe her and help her fall asleep. Now, we have a very impressive children's music CD collection because Bee is a music lover, just like her mama. We have CD's in the car and CD's in her room. So, whether we are riding in the van, she is playing in her room or she is falling asleep we always have music if she wants it! I even made CD's for Nana's car as well! And trust me, we keep the less annoying stuff in the van! Currently favorites include the Disney Princess CD, the Curious George Soundtrack, Baby Einstein: Sing and Play (mostly for Row, Row, Row Your Boat) and the newest is "B is for Bob," which is a children's Bob Marley CD. She loves them and even asks for them by name! It's very cute!

So, these are my 5... for right now anyway. They will probably change next week. I will alert if anything new pops up that I love! I would like to ask that if you have a top 5 please leave a comment with them. I think it's good to share! There are always some things I forget about or honestly don't even think of!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Is she growing up?

The other day husband and I went to a department store with Bee. We were looking around for some new clothes for him. Bee and I branched off to go to the toddler section to look around. Once we got over there I was just browsing through the sale racks when her breath literally caught in her throat and she said "prea!" "Prea" is her word for princess because she can't say princess yet. Anyway, I look over and she is looking up at this wall of Disney Princess jammas like it was the golden grail! (is that the right analogy? Anyway, just imagine angelic music playing in the back ground and soft golden light on her face and you are there!) Then she held her little hands out and said, "mine." I thought to myself, crap! How am I going to get out of this? Then I saw the 50% off tag and realized that I didn't really have to get out of anything, we could afford it and she did need new princess jammas. (hear me still justifying it?) We wheeled over there and I let her pick out, for the first time, her own new jammas. She held onto those things through out the entire store until we left. I was afraid she wasn't going to let go of them to let me pay but she did. We got them home, washed them and got her dressed in them for night night. They came with slippers and a head band so we put it all on and took some pictures and even some video. I sent the picture out and later Nana called me and told me that Bee was looking more like a little girl and less like a baby. At first I was like, that's okay, she's not an infant or newborn anymore, she's a toddler. Well, I have been thinking about it since then and last night it really hit me. Every night I rock her a little before she gets into bed and some nights I get a little impatient with her because I am ready to relax and that means she needs to get to bed! Last night was different! I realized that, while she is still really young and basically still a baby, she is going to grow up. She won't always want me to rock her, she won't always want me to hold her and read her stories. Sad, right? So, I have decided that I will start being more.. in the moment with her at night night time. Or really anytime. I will start spending as much time as needed rocking her just so I have that much more time to hold her. Everyone keeps saying (which, by the way, is such a pet peeve, I will have to blog one day on all the unwelcomed, cliche, advice a new mom gets!) anyway, they say that the time flies by so I am going to try my hardest to enjoy every moment of it!