Thursday, November 4, 2010

Terrible 3's?

We are getting very close to Bee's 3rd Birthday and I am scared! Everyone told us the two's would be bad but that the three's would be worse. Luckily, while we had some meltdowns and stand-offs, I don't think she was anywhere near the evil child I was told would emerge during the terrible two's. So, I held hope that the three's would not be as bad either. Until, two weeks ago that is. And, I have realized that is has been steadily getting worse the closer we get to her 3rd birthday which is just a couple weeks off. I am not exaggerating either. I am surprised her head hasn't spun in a circle like in The Exorcist. She fights us on everything. Bed, getting dressed, going potty (which we are fully potty trained now, sorry no posts happened on that but we had enough to deal with), going to daycare, eating, putting her socks on, putting her shoes on, playing - am I making my point here? And don't even get me started on the energy level! That child goes and goes and goes all the time! She does not have a calm level right now at all. Everything is 110% and she runs everywhere! Doesn't she get tired, ever? I'm exhausted all the time from chasing after her.

Though the best, and the funniest, is bedtime or when she is dealing with her feelings in general. She yells and I don't mean a high pitch girly scream but a guttural Exorcist inspired yell and she tacks on at the end "I'm soooooooo maaaaadddd." Then with her tiny little fist, she hits something. Not me, we have pretty much done away with that, but something near her. Now, I realize that we are headed in to anger management territory here but there is something very comical about little 30 pound child yelling out her feelings by using the exact words. For instance besides "I'mmm soooooo maaadddd," there's "sniff sniff I'm sooooo saadd" or "laughing - I'm sooo happpyy momma." It's actually really cute and I am glad she can identify her feelings.

Here's my hope. My hope is that it doesn't get any worse than this. I mean she has to level out sometime right? You should see how sweet she is first thing in the morning when she crawls in to bed with me and says "momma, want to touch your hair" and she plays with my hair and rubs my arm. Then she snuggles up to me and we snooze until it is time to get up. I mean come on! She is the sweetest thing ever then so why doesn't it last? Oh well, I guess I have take those moments and hold on to them when she is screaming at me. Maybe I can start using that philosophy of picturing people naked while public speaking, but instead apply it differently to us, and picture her peaceful and sleeping when I am dealing with her screaming, head spinning moments. Worth a try I guess...wish me luck. (insert Exorcist theme music here)

I give a lot of credit to the book Big Feelings: A book filled with emotions. (
Figuring out how to deal with her emotions is still a work in progress but this book is helpful in identifying them and explaining them to her in a way that she can understand.

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