Monday, March 8, 2010

Checking in!

Boy, it's been a while since I have written! Needless to say potty training wasn't going that well so we put it on hold for a bit. Not sure if I have mentioned that at all. We have slowly started working with her on it again. The power of getting a sticker to place on a chart is truly amazing! Sunday was a pretty good potty training day! When she got up from her nap, and for the rest of the day, she stayed dry and only went to the bathroom on her potty and not in her disposable. This was a victory, small but a victory none the less. We are looking at this as a positive sign that she might be getting ready to really tackle this thing head on. We just need to get her to tell us she has to go instead of us always bringing it up to her. We will keep taking her in there and it will click soon enough. She's a pretty smart little girl. She counts to 20 and sings her ABC's and this, to me, means she is the smartest little girl ever!! Whether other kids are already doing it or not! Over the weekend she came up with a couple new little things:

The first is to give me a hug, rub or pat my shoulder and say, "It's otay Momma, I got you." And no I did not spell "okay" wrong, she really does say "otay." It brought tears to my eyes the first time she did it because I was exhausted and a little stressed out. It made me feel good to know that maybe she will have some of my compassion and empathy in her. Those little sparks of what kind of person she is going to be, or might be, are so awesome.

The second, and the funniest, is now her Curious George makes trips to time out. Why does he go to time out you ask? For none other than hitting! The one thing we have been combatting with her since she turned 18 months! It is funny though to see her. She puts him in time out, comes over, tells us he is in time out and that it's because he hit her. So, we tell her that is good and that he needs to say sorry. She goes over to the chair, picks him and says, "you say sorry," and he apparently does so she gives him a hug. It's really cute but also shows us that she is starting to understand more. That and the fact that the hitting has really dropped off since she turned two. Either way, another small victory!

There has been a lot going! I am hoping to be able to write more soon! Added an updated picture so you can see how big our Bee is getting!

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