Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heading into Summer!

Well, it has been eventful the last month I must say. The potty training continues. It has been difficult but we are hanging in there. Little Bee is in regular underwear for most of the day and does fine, as long as we keep reminding her to go! If she gets to playing, and doesn't think about it, we have a problem. Luckily daycare reminds her as well so we are fending off most accidents. What has worked seems to be giving her a little control and power over the situation. When we told her she was a big girl, and needed to go potty herself, she got in to it. Now we aren't aloud to be any part of it! We do stand there to make sure she goes and washes her hands (and we clean the potty) but other than she is in full control. Now if she could only be in control of WHEN to go we would have a home run!

She has also started to become a little parrot or magpie as Nana calls it. She repeats everything! Which means we really have to start watching what we say around her. Here are some favorites of ours:

1. When I ask her to do something she holds the sides of my face and says, "listen mommy, listen."
2. Looking at me speaking about her daddy she says, "what is his problem?"
3. From Bear and the Big Blue House she will get in your face, sniff and say, "what's that smell?" It's very, very funny, especially the sniffing part, but not meant in a mean way because, well, Bear is not mean!
4. "Focus" which is a word I use a lot with her because her attention is so easily set adrift. But, let's just say her "focus" sounds shockingly similar to a four letter word I won't write here. So, we have starting to not say that and we make sure to correct her pronunciation!
5. Lastly, our favorite, is when we ask her to do something and she turns and says to us, "few minutes" while holding up three fingers; meaning give me a few more minutes. Very cute that she tries to negotiate!

We are having so much fun with her right now. She is testing us daily to see what she can get away with but we are holding pretty firm, for the most part. I loved her as a baby and will always want her to be that but now she is lovey, she is affectionate, she is talkative, she sings, she screams and has all of the little characteristics that we saw before but she could never thoroughly get across. Now she can and it's a blast!

Hope your summer is a blast! I will update when I can because we have a lot going on in the two months. Including a road trip, Bee's first, to Omaha! That should make for some excellent posts! Ha!!

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